October 10, 2017

Halloween Picture Books, Southern Style

Living in the South now, I rely on holiday books more than ever to know what season it really is.

So it's been two years since I looked at this blog. In that time, I moved from downtown Salt Lake City, to my parents' basement, to a tiny condo overlooking the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, to a quiet house in Denton County, Texas, overlooking . . . mosquitos. And squirrels. It feels good to be able to breathe again, and blog again, even if I'm covered in bug bites as I type.

My daughter isn't a toddler anymore, so her tastes in Halloween books have grown up a little, but mine haven't. These (mostly) aren't new, but they are great.

Plus, guys, this is not a Halloween book but my favorite picture book EVAH. How did I miss this one until now? I didn't know Mo Willems had THIS kind of story in him. One of my favorite illustrators too. Maybe I like this one because we keep moving across the country and saying goodbye and hello to friends.

Enjoy fall, all you all. (I can't skip straight to y'all. I haven't been here long enough.)

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