June 23, 2015

How to Write 10k a Day in 3 Easy Steps! And a Shout Out to Mentors

Thank you, LDStorymakers, for alerting me to this.

And thank you, Bree, for taking time to teach me this and this.

Study and apply all three, and you'll soon be writing 10,000* a day, even when you are in the middle of packing boxes, keeping preschooler from climbing box mountain out the fourth-story window, and navigating the general chaos of moving from 1,000 square feet into 600ish.

The writing community and conferences are so inspiring and supportive here in my home state. Thank you, all! It's been a long time since I've felt this peaceful with my creative pursuits, slow as they may be.

What conferences have you attended and found helpful in recent history? I loved LDStorymakers and WIFYR this year (more about that later), and now I'm looking forward to WriteOnCon, assuming it's happening again in August. Hope to see you there!

*This author meant 10k words a day, but I'm counting 10k characters, including spaces, as a huge success here. And "a day" to me is a loose guideline . . . I mean, with God, 1,000 years might be a day, right?

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