May 17, 2015

Pressure to Be Creative

I've been reading some books bashing compulsory education. Ever read any John Holt? If so, please speaketh up. I would love to know what you think. I'm torn between unschooling and this.

In my quest to understand formal education bashing, I recently read a book called FREE TO LEARN by Peter Gray and learned instead why I haven't finished writing another book I like yet.

He says:
Pressure to be creative interferes with creativity. . . .
In an experiment . . . , young children were asked to produce collages, which were then assessed for creativity by a panel of judges. Before producing the collage, some of the children were put into a playful mood by allowing them 25 minutes of free play with salt dough. The other children spent that 25-minute period at a non playful task, copying text. The result was that those in the play condition made collages that were judged to be significantly more creative than did those in the non play condition.
In another experiment, college students who had to solve problems creatively got to watch a comedy film for five minutes before being presented the problem. The ones who saw the comedy solved the problem while ones who watched a movie about math or no movie at all could not. Only 5 minutes of watching something silly prepared their minds to see a problem from a new angle.

So send me all your funniest YouTube clips. I have a lot of problem solving to do.

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