October 19, 2014

The Death of Blogging

In skimming my blogroll, it seems a lot of people are abandoning their writing blogs. I sort of am lately. There's not that much to say about writing when I'm not writing much besides the anonymous things I scribble for a weekly paycheck.

If you're reading this, what do you look for in a blog? What blogs do you keep up with and why? 


Brooke I said...

What do I look for in a blog? Specific to a writing blog, I enjoy personal stories of both triumph and/or frustrations when it comes to all aspects (writing, querying, publishing, etc.) of the process. I like tips, book recommendations…pretty much anything writerly.

I also look for blogs that post somewhat regularly, though it's not a requirement :)

Most of all, something that's real.

I have noticed a sharp decline in blogging in general lately, to which I say woohoo! Hopefully it means people are too busy with life, which is a good thing b/c it reminds me I need to get busy with life and quit flitting around on the web.

Good luck with whatever you decide, blog-wise!

Anonymous said...

blogging is dieing. I blog to keep a record of my life, easier than scrapbooking, and I LOVE reading my friends blogs, so I hope it isn't completely dead!