July 7, 2014

"Energy Profiling" and Creativity

MICHELLE! You won my 2-book pack last post. Sorry I forgot to tell you. Contact me and I'll get it to you, if you still want it.

Lately I've been looking into Carol Tuttle's energy profiling system. Anyone familiar with that?

I can't decide if it's "true" or just another trendy philosophy (because, according to Carol's energy profiling system, type 2s are always skeptical). But learning more about it has validated the possibility that some writers are just slow by nature and that's okay. It may even be a strength to take time to absorb all the details. You can check out her philosophy in depth here.

At the very least, I'm glad I looked into yet another person-categorizing-system because I think it will help me understand the characters I write better.

Anyone into personality-typing tests? Why or why not?


Michelle D. Argyle said...

Isn't Carol Tuttle the one who does the Dress Your Truth thing?

I like that you're looking at this from the perspective of characters and writing too! :)

I'm into figuring out why I am the way I am, and that means I'm really into the introverted/extroverted thing and figuring out that I'm HSP (highly sensitive person) and possibly an empath. No wonder I'm a mess, lol.

So is it me who won? What did I win? I'm so not remembering ...!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I can't help but comment. I was an editor on Carol's book It's Just My Nature. (I also edited two of her other books.) So, um, yeah.