February 24, 2014

Another Post about Perseverance

There are always inspiring stories during the Olympics, but one that's stuck with me is about figure skater Carolina Kostner. She fell at the Torino games and fell three times during her performance in Vancouver. She wanted to quit skating because the pressure was too much and she was embarrassed. But she decided to come back to Sochi at age 27, focusing only on her love of skating and the quality and artistry of her performance---not pressure, scores, or medals. I'm no figure skating expert, but in a year where most of the buzz was about 15- and 17- and 19-year-olds, and the South Korean queen just announced her retirement at 23, coming to the Olympics at 27 seems courageous to me.

By focusing on her love of skating and not medals, Kostner got a medal, becoming the first Italian single woman skater to do so. She says her bronze medal is "absolutely worth gold," and that "it feels so great that patience and sacrifice and hard work and faith are paid at the end." (As a side note, I like to see an athlete ecstatic over a bronze medal versus some of the athletes who gave their silver medals the stink eye.)

So, writers, off you go to focus on the quality of your work---not publication, reviews, awards, or royalty checks. Maybe your sacrifice and hard work will still get you one of those things in the end, but in the meantime you'll get to experience the love of writing for writing's sake.

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love this perspective!