December 2, 2013

Forget Your Best Idea

One of my old bosses and one of the smartest people I've known said this in a BYU devotional meeting:
A wise drama teacher once said, "Forget your best idea." Clinging to it or becoming fixated on it will often block the flow of even better ideas and more expansive inspiration.
So now that NaNo is over . . . will you be forgetting your best idea? Or revising it and building on it for months to come?

Here's the most creative idea I've had lately that I wished I'd forgotten: learn to make a quilt by hand.
Does anyone have a sewing machine I can borrow? As soon as this $%&* quilt is finished I just may get back to blogging and writing and blogging about writing.

I hope you had a very merry NaNo!


Anonymous said...

ooooohhhh, impressed about the quilt! you are amazing as usual.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

No sewing machine over here! And yes, when I put aside one of my "best ideas" I ended up writing all sorts of other great stuff. I think it's also important to finish things, though, so I'm glad I did pick up that best idea later and finish it. :)