September 13, 2013

Lucky Friday the 13th

It's time for another book giveaway!

The last two winners got these:

My bookshelf is starting to look pretty tidy.


Remember when people used to say "not"?

Anyway, comment on any post by the end of the day to be entered in the drawing. And tell me if you are superstitious about things like the number 13.


gaylene said...

I LOVE friday the 13th. It's always been a lucky day for me.
And I don't even have to add a "not" at the end. :)

Mak said...

Yay! I love free and I love books! I didn't know it is Friday the 13th until I was passing a church sign and said to the girls "Look! It's 9-13-13" Lily says "I have a book that says people are uncomfortable with Friday the 13th" that was when I realized a) that it was Friday and b) it was Friday the 13. Lily thinks it is a lucky day, though, because in our country we started with 13 colonies and states...
What was the question again?

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Crap, I totally missed the deadline for this! I've had way too much on my plate. :(