September 5, 2013


Tonight a few wise people pointed out to me why older women always tell young moms to "enjoy every minute because they grow up too fast." It's because older women forget the moments that were less enjoyable.

Older moms look back and forget why they weren't better--Why didn't I read to my children more? Why wasn't I more patient? Why did I let my kids watch so much TV? If they get to babysit grandkids, maybe then they remember: I didn't do all those things because I was so tired I was PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of doing one more thing.

Young moms forget even by the end of the day. Why didn't I finish the two things on my list today? There were only 2 things:  do the laundry and clean the bathroom. Why was it too hard to accomplish two #$&% things? These moms forget that at the beginning of the day there was only 1 load of laundry to do, and by the end of the day there were 4. They forget that while they didn't clean the bathroom, they *did* clean the nursery after baby took off dirty diaper and decided to paint the walls.

You wise women know who you are (unless you already forgot). Thank you for sharing.

I'm a mom and a writer and I relate well to the problem of forgetting. Why didn't I complete my writing goal to finish just one sh***y draft by the end of the summer? I forgot that I wrote a whole different book, workshopped it, and submitted it to a publisher. I did a complete revision of my first novel and sent it in to a contest. I started drafting a different plot with a coauthor. But because I didn't accomplish the one goal I wanted to, I forgot that I did anything at all.

What did you forget this summer?

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Michelle D. Argyle said...

This post is so, so true! And the most horrible thing is that not only do I forget like most people my age do, but my forgetting seems to be even worse than most. It's a running joke with anyone who is close to me at all. It's such a joke that I'm basing a whole novel on forgetfulness, hah.

But, sticking to your post, what did I forget this summer? I forgot that in a pretty short period of time, I rewrote an entire novel and yet still had time to enjoy the summer with my family. It was a really great few months. :)