September 24, 2013

An Hour a Day

Here are the top five things I've been advised by various people over the years to do for one hour a day if I want to see success:

1.) Write.
2.) Read.
3.) Study scriptures and/or meditate.
4.) Exercise.
5.) Research vacation destinations.

I'm the one who said that last one. And I'm the only person whose advice I've followed so far.

Author Claudia Mills illustrates well the power of one hour a day on her blog, especially in this post where she compares learning to drive a stick shift to completing daunting writing projects. Read her blog to see how one hour a day can turn impossibility into reality. And then come back and tell me if I should write, read, or get in shape for one hour each day. I'm not willing to commit five hours of my day unless it's to sleeping.


Catt said...

That's the thing, right? Oh, for five more hours in a day!

There's all these little rituals we have to do every day. Brush teeth, take medication, put on wrinkle cream, do makeup and hair, get dressed, help kids get ready, keep up the house, make meals, clean dishes, do laundry, stay on top of emails, pay bills, run errands, do work, help with homework, play with kids, read to kids, put kids to bed, get undressed, take makeup off, put on more wrinkle cream, read.

Some more significant than others, but a million little Have To Do's that somehow fill up a day.

It's no wonder I often hit the pillow wondering why I never got to my projects that day.

But to your question, Kim, you're already in great shape. And your writing schedule is ridiculously organized. So if you can find another hour in your day I say read something delicious some days, and go for walks on others while the weather is still crisp but not uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

My time is doing boring things... working, grad school... recreational things would probably do me a world of good... i especially like #5!

Jenny said...

Beware of #5! Husband was up until midnight the other night looking at vacation packages to Easter Island. What the...?

I try to sew every day. Even if it's not for an hour, any time I spend at the sewing machine brings me peace, calm, and lowered blood pressure. (At least now that my sewing machine and I have come to a good working relationship.)