August 28, 2013

When Writing Means Pityriasis Rosea

Last week I met a new writer friend for ice cream at Hatch Family Chocolates. She's just getting into the madness, and she said, "How do you make writing time happen when you have a little one at home and you freelance edit?"

And I said, " . . . ?"

And she said, "When exactly do you write?"

And I said, "Midnight to two a.m."

And my body said, "I'll show you."

Probably one of the online etiquette rules I forgot to read about is to never put a gross rash in the title of a blog post. But I've also been told to "write what you know." And lately I know a lot about having a bunch of spots all over my skin like that guy in PUT ME IN THE ZOO. Apparently PR afflicts those who are dehydrated and have compromised immunity due to stress or lack of sleep.

When do YOU write? I'm looking for a better answer for my new writing friend.

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