August 28, 2013

When Writing Means Pityriasis Rosea

Last week I met a new writer friend for ice cream at Hatch Family Chocolates. She's just getting into the madness, and she said, "How do you make writing time happen when you have a little one at home and you freelance edit?"

And I said, " . . . ?"

And she said, "When exactly do you write?"

And I said, "Midnight to two a.m."

And my body said, "I'll show you."

Probably one of the online etiquette rules I forgot to read about is to never put a gross rash in the title of a blog post. But I've also been told to "write what you know." And lately I know a lot about having a bunch of spots all over my skin like that guy in PUT ME IN THE ZOO, except I can't do anything cool with them. Apparently PR afflicts those who are dehydrated and have compromised immunity due to stress or lack of sleep.

When do you write? I'm looking for a better answer for my new writing friend.

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