August 29, 2013

Therapy Thursdays and Reality TV

You know when you subconsciously steal ideas?

Turns out I'm not the first to post "Three Things Thursday" or "Thursday Three." Wow, I thought I came up with it all by myself.

I'm hereby changing this blog post to THERAPY THURSDAYS because, as you've noticed, I can always use a little therapy. However, I'm not really a psychologist of any kind so I'll probably talk about things like retail therapy and other unhealthy coping mechanisms, like watching reality TV.

So let's have some group therapy and share.

1) Does anyone watch BREAKING POINTE? What do you think Allison will do??

2) Anyone looking forward to the nth season of BIGGEST LOSER?

3) Have you ever found writing inspiration through watching TV?

4) Have you ever stolen an idea in your writing without knowing it at the time? I'm always afraid of doing that.


Unknown said...

So many feels right now. I started writing a romance when I discover Korean Dramas. Didn't even know I was stealing ideas from people on the other side of the planet. Glad I started watching them though, because now I know what's been done. <3 those shows, they teach me so much about pacing and hooks and slow blooming romance. Anyway, I also love The Biggest Loser, so much inspiration there :)

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I'm a little lost with your questions because I don't watch TV, lol. But yes, I steal ideas all the time without knowing it. I comfort myself by knowing that even if an idea is stolen, nobody can ever execute it the exact same way. :)