July 4, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Independence Day

You're probably not reading blogs today. I hope you're out eating red and blue Slushies and writing your name in the air with sparklers.

But if you are reading, thank you for indulging me as I share three writing-related freedoms I'm grateful for.

1. From author Jonathan Franzen speaking to TIME magazine: "I came to realize that because my purpose on earth seems to be to write novels, I am actually freer when I'm chained to a project: freer from guilt, anxiety, boredom, anger, purposelessness."

2. Freedom to select from such a wide array of poignant words when sending my thoughts out into the world on paper or screen.

3. Freedom to assign meaning to my life, including the meaning of creative success.

Sorry if that was too cerebral for a holiday.

Let's lighten things up. What are your three favorite ways to celebrate July 4? I'll tell you mine: pancake breakfast, a paddle around the lake, and fireworks from a distance, usually while roasting marshmallows over a backyard campfire.

Happy Independence Day!


Jenny said...

Parade, family bbq, and fireworks. Two of which I didn't do this year, but it was still a decent holiday.

Kim Webb Reid said...

Fireworks and toddlers don't mix. At least not with my toddler. I missed some of my favorites this year too.