June 26, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Don't Do It.

I just asked my husband, Russ, what he thinks the best writing advice is so I can put it on my blog and start off Writing Tip Wednesday with a bang.

He said, "Don't do it."

Har de freaking har. He's so clever, which is why I married him. Except he's not the first person to say that to me lately.

A mere seven days ago, author Carol Lynch Williams quoted another author, Rick Walton, as having said, "If you can *not* write, don't." And a while back, Emily Wing Smith told me, "You have to be a writer simply because you can’t be happy doing anything else. If you find another profession equally or more fulfilling, do that instead!"

Why? Well, because this. And this. (If you're not going to click, here's the short version: Writing forces you to sacrifice too much time and effort for a minimal chance at ever getting published, much less paid. The end.)

If you're still reading, odds are you've already decided you can't *not* write. You would write for free, to quote Stephen King, and that's saying something since you don't already have a billion dollars in the bank.

How did you conclude that you are a writer? What does your brain on not-writing look like? Please tell me in the comments I'm not the only addict who must. write. every. day.

In the coming Wednesdays, expect some writing tips that are actually useful--like how to set realistic writing goals, the kind that make you happy even if you never get published or paid.


Anonymous said...

Hi friend, my family started telling me I was a writer when I was writing my missionary letters home. I am too lazy to write every day, but do find writing a great release!

Kim Webb Reid said...

And I'm glad you do so I can read your blog too. :)

ilima said...

It's so true. I tell so many people I wish I never started writing in the first place, because I know I'll never stop. And yes, I would totally write for free.

Kimberly Kay said...

So many people automatically assume that writing is easy (I'm guessing, because books are so easy to come by, they guess they must be easy to write.) Not so. It is difficult, and it takes time and dedication to get anywhere with it. If one does not wish to dedicate years of their life to writing, you cannot be successful, just like with any other profession. Personally, I'm forever trapped into writing because to me it's the ULTIMATE job where you can do anything/everything be everyone/everything. If you are bored with your writing, you are doing it wrong. ;)

Kim Webb Reid said...

Kimberly, I agree with you 100 percent. Writing is exciting because of the variety you get to experience, and it is NOT easy. Thanks for commenting.