June 28, 2013

FREE Friday

Guys! It's time for a game. In the spirit of Woot, I introduce:

Paperback Craps

I don't actually know how to play craps, but I'm assuming it's a game of chance. Here is your chance to win a bag of random crap FREE BOOKS.

On the 13th of every month remaining in 2013, I will blindfold myself and select ten YA or children's books from my personal bookshelf and drop them into the mail for two lucky winners (five books for each winner).

These books might be brand new, signed, and unread. Or possibly read, well loved, water damaged, or signed to me personally. If a spare Chapstick, pen, or bookmark finds its way onto my bookshelf, you might wind up with those too. You never know what good stuff you might get when you play Paperback Craps!

Here's how you play: Comment.

That's it! I will enter your name into the drawing every time you comment on any post from now until July 13.

But wait. There's more. You will get THREE extra entries for any new commenter who says you referred them to the blog--because I like to spread my fame make friends that way. You will get FOUR extra entries if you sign up to follow my blog by email.

I understand oh so well the convenience of lurking, so I won't be sad if you don't want to play. But if you have a second to leave your thoughts, I'd love to reward you in some small student-budget kind of way for taking the time. I'll do my best to raise comment-worthy questions in the coming days--and acquire some quality new books on my shelf.

So the first easy question: If you were to select 3 to 5 books off your bookshelf blindfolded to give away in a drawing, which ones would be the hardest to let go?

*Update* If Blogger deletes your comment, I will accept email comments as well. Just mention in the email that you'd like to be entered. I don't know what the Blogger problem is. Maybe update your browser or use a different one? Firefox seems to have the most trouble.

*Another update* Commenters who keep their name/profile private won't be eligible. Sorry! It's too hard to track you down for your address!


Christine Merrill said...

Wahoo! I like games! I thought you were going to ask the 3 easiest to let go...umm...the dumb books I got at the librart book sale for a buck a bag and din't ever read...

Ok,hardest to let go: Pride and Prejudice, In the eye of the storm, Harry Potter.

Kim Webb Reid said...

Yay, Christine! Thanks for playing. Don't tell, but I've never read any of the HARRY POTTERs yet.

Jim said...

The Civil War - A Narrative, by Shelby Foote. There are 3 volumes, each of them between 800 and 1100 pages. I've read all three of them twice and will probably do so again.

Kim Webb Reid said...

It's my dad! If you win, at least I get to borrow my books back. That sounds like a lot of Civil War reading. I wonder if you would be interested in this or if it's too boring: http://deseretbook.com/Civil-War-Saints-Kenneth-L-Alford/i/5081535

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Oh, wow, this is cool! I'd have to choose JUST ONE DAY by Gayle Forman. I adore that book. I just bought that book. I don't want to part with it. Ever. You must have a lot of books you can give away, and that's awesome! And lucky for us! I wish I had more, but due to budget and space in our tiny little home, I buy very few paper books these days, and the ones I do buy I cherish very much. I do, however, have a little stack I've been growing of novels I don't want anymore back from college and before I was married. I should give them away in a fun thing like you're doing. Smart!

ilima said...

Free books. I am so playing. :) And thanks for visiting my blog.

Lola and the French Kiss would be hard. I loaned it out once and nearly had a panic attack until it was in my hands again. :)

Kim Webb Reid said...

Yeah, we live in a little place too, which is why I've decided to let some go. Even some of my favorites. Even ones that are autographed to me. I figure I can get a Kindle someday. Or buy back all my favorites on Amazon when I publish the great American novel and get RICH. bwa ha ha. (But I will admit---there are a few I'm going to hide in a corner so I don't have to give them away.)

Thanks for playing, Michelle! I love Gayle Forman too.

Kim Webb Reid said...

Yikes, I borrowed LOLA for like a year... :) But I did return it in pristine condition. Good to see you again, Ilima!

ilima said...

Wow. I meant Lola and the BOY NEXT DOOR, not ANNA and the French Kiss, although that one would be hard too. Oy. I blame it on lack of sleep.

Kim Webb Reid said...

When else are you supposed to write except when you could be sleeping?

Jennavier Gilbert said...

My old Barbara Michaels books. They're terrible but I have true love for them from my teenage years.
I was referred by Michelle Argyle's twitter feed.

Kim Webb Reid said...

I miss my teenage era books. I let my mom sell them at a yard sale. Thanks for coming by, Jenna!

Jenny said...

My Jerry Spinelli autographed books to me.

And my Baby-Sitters' Club books. Just sayin'.

Catt said...

Hi, Kim!
(Elana inspired me, too! I should have my blog going live later this month. I look forward to following yours!)

Definitely my vintage copy of "Winnie the Pooh" (the hardback my mother took with her to read on the ferris wheel to her date and is adorned with a few of my childhood pencil scribbles).

But there are only two books that I've read that I've ever cast out of my library. The goal is to fill a room with all the lovely words I've enjoyed. My own growing library. (sigh)

Kim Webb Reid said...

Tabitha, glad you found me! Definitely let me know when your blog is live.

I go back and forth on if I should forever save my books for posterity or let my kids discover their own favorites that haven't even been written yet. If I'm keeping books for myself and not future kids, I'm intimidated by how many times I'll probably be moving in the next few years and usually feel like maybe I best not put a concerted effort to growing my library just yet--to save my poor old aching joints. :)

Lucky for you to have such a meaningful copy of WINNIE THE POOH!